The Devil on the roads of Chennai

By Vikram Sunderraj on 4:18 PM
MTC bus Chennai
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Ask anyone this one simple question "What is the first thing that strikes you when you think about Chennai" and this family whom I met at Shenoy Nagar had two things to say, the unbearable heat and the energy draining ordeal with the Auto wallas trying to saving oneself from being ripped off a huge sum to travel a short distance. We have been hearing this for decades and Chennai will never transform on the weather pattern, but the Autowallas? hah! Never!.

So wondering who the Devil is in this context? What we tend miss out here is our very own public transport of Chennai that has been killing people with no mercy and damaging cars, bikes. The bus drivers drive like they are in a demolition derby challenge. You must have guessed it already, its our MTC/PTC city bus. When will this torture and the episode end, that will bring peace and quite to us the road users.

If you are behind an MTC bus the best bet is dont expect it go in a straight line. One such incident happened yesterday, opposite to Koyambedu market. The signal is red its more than 4mins and all cars are waiting to go past green, suddenly there is a jolt and a car beside me jumps a feet forward. I look around and I see 6 cars all de-arranged and smashed and to top it all a woman falls off the bike and bumped her head on a car but with no injuries. How did this all happen?

Its a red signal and more than 4 mins with all these cars waiting and we have our popular Devil of the road (MTC bus) speeds in and crashes into cars that are stationary at the signal. The officials come in ask the driver to step out and I have no idea what happened after that.

ChennaiWithin is not here to talk about fair and unfair life that Chennai roads has to offer but highlights the issues that people face this common issue for decades.


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